Mala Madre, Motorcycle, Bali


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Bali. Island of the gods. And of the bad mothers.

Or in Spanish “Mala Madre”.

Mala Madre is a wild plant that grows mainly in the deserts of Central America. It is strong, elegant and robust with healing properties.

Mala Madre is also the hero of Spanish movie called Celda 211. He is passionate, intelligent, charismatic and a true badass.

All these characteristics conform the DNA of Mala Madre Motorcycles, sassy custom bikes built by Dirk Goetz in Bali. And guess what? They are for rent! I’m totally psyched ♥

I pick up my Mala Madre in Canggu, which seems to me like the tropic sister of central Berlin: Smoothie bowls, vegan pizza and hipsters as far as the eye can see. I must get out of here. Fast! But fast is easier said than done.

At around 60 km/h my pretty little Mala Madre – an old Honda Tiger 200 with amazing 17 HP – starts shaking like a geriatric washing machine on spin cycle. This café racer won’t win any race. Fortunately, traffic in Denpasar does not encourage speeding. Cars, busses, motorcycles, scooters, bicycles, pedestrians in seemingly random distribution are whizzing past me – all on the wrong side of the street! I think briefly about panicking, but then I surrender myself to the Balinese chaos and just go with the flow. To my surprise, I do not only survive, but find unexpected fun in winding my way through tiniest gaps.

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