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Our first encounter was ill-fated.

We had arranged to meet at 10 o’clock at an abandoned airfield. Was this pure coincidence or destiny? 15 years ago, I had met my first love at another airfield …

Unfortunately, the venue is encircled by a huge construction site. No matter which side I come from, all roads are blocked. Just 15 minutes to go. And I hate coming late! Turning around again, I see a man at a garden gate. I pull over. Already out of my car, I notice that the guy is obviously mentally retarded. And very happy to find somebody to talk to! Fuck. It’s 10 o’clock. I’m really getting nervous. Trying to be not too unpolite, I shake him off. 10:30. Finally, I’m back on the road and find a loophole.

I arrive one hour late, sweaty, stressed and slightly panicking as I see my companions rushing up and down the runway. I do not even know how to engage a gear! Luckily, Wolle Arlitt and his crowd are real pros. By noon they have me zooming with what feels like supersonic speed – around 30 km/h – free-handed down the runway. Yeeeeha! I can do this 😀

And it gets even better! At the end of the first day we get our first off-road lesson: Driving over a meadow up a muddy hill back to the hangar. I’m ecstatic!

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